We’ve Launched!

We’re incredibly excited to announce that Ivory Realty has launched.

Ivory Realty offers comprehensive acquisition, management, and realisation services for the London property market. Our client-focused approach ensures that everything we do helps our clients achieve exactly what they want from their investment.

Ivory Realty launches with three offices – a main London office, and two regional offices (one based in Mexico, the other in Oman).

The London office is run by Ivory Realty’s Managing Director Gabor Moser.

Prior to founding Ivory Realty, Gabor and his partners created a property development company, Ivory Homes. Two years on, Ivory Homes is thriving. Ivory Realty is a timely and natural progression and extension of the work Ivory Homes started – and one, which we know, will be just as successful.

The Mexico office is headed by Roger Menendez, and the Oman office is led by Anthony Coleby.

Both regional directors bring a wealth of experience to the Ivory Realty board, and their roles will see them further the company’s vision by helping private individuals and institutions make great investment decisions overseas.

This is an exciting time for Ivory Realty, and we’d love to share that excitement with you.

If you’d like to hear updates about Ivory Realty as they happen, please follow our Linked In Company Page.

If you have a specific query or property requirements, please get in touch by visiting our website www.ivory-realty.com or email us at sales@ivory-realty.com